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The Humanitarian Quick Handyman Services (5th – 7th, August, 2021)

The Humanitarian Department for Skills Acquisition and Empowerment Program is proud to announce her upcoming event aimed at fulfilling her goal of child/youth development and empowerment. This program is mostly focused on teenagers (boys and girls alike). It is an opportunity to encourage them cultivate the culture of self-reliance of which will definitely help them succeed in life with ease.

 It will also be an opportunity for most of them to have a smooth ride through higher institution as most families find it difficult to train their children through university level. With a good and rewarding skill at hand, a young person with aspiration to succeed in life can easily assist oneself through school with little or no help from parents and loved ones.


Most of these young persons can develop interest in certain areas, enroll for more advanced training and finally become a professional in that very field. To participate, fill the form that follows or simply send us an email showing your full name (surname first), phone number, contact address and a chosen area of interest. Below is a detailed information to guide you;

  • Title of Program: The Humanitarian Quick Handyman Services
  • Date: Thursday – Saturday, 5th – 7th, August, 2021
  • Venue: 7, Salako Street, Ilasamaja, Lagos State.
  • Time: 10:00am – 1:00pm daily
  • Admission: Free
  • Send email to: info@thehumanfound.org

     Powered by:

  • The Humanitarian Department for Skills Acquisition and Empowerment Program
  • IGR Sparkling Industries Limited (a subsidiary of Igwe-Raph Global Resources)
  • S. Adinlewa

Interested Participants should fill the form below with appropriate details

The Humanitarian Foundation Feeding & Clothing Support Program for July 2021

The Humanitarian Feeding & Clothing Support Program for the month of July, 2021, takes place on Tuesday, 20th. Make sure your donation & support count. Kindly make your donation using the donation form below the page or make a direct transfer with our provided bank details 

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