Every Realtor has to understand the following steps in order to be a great closer in the global market:

  1. Be consistent in your posting
  2. Be consistent in your follow-up with clients
  3. When a client sends you a text, WhatsApp or email message, kindly follow him or her accordingly. If such a client asks you to call, please do so via WhatsApp call or normal call. If there is no instruction of such, kindly send this message to such client: “you are welcome, please schedule a call time” or “please call me through this number”.
  4. You are a king in the business. Avoid the mentality that customer is king. It only exists where you are not in charge.

Let us consider the attitude of kings towards calls. If the king needs a favour from you or you need from him, it is you that will definitely do the majority of the calling. So, this will take us to the next point.


Briefly, salesperson is an agent, employee, representative or distributor under a contract with a pre-determined or agreed reward.

Types of salespersons

a. POSERS – treat the profession like a lottery ticket.

b. AMATEURS – focus on amateur luck, timing, positioning, and short-cuts.

c. PROFESSIONALS (THE PRO’S) – focus on the skill set to become the experts and take quality time to master the craft. They are more patient and close high deal.

OTHER TYPES include: (a) The Caretaker Salesperson, (b) The Closer Salesperson and (c) The Consultant Salesperson.

SUMMARY: I then decided to summarize the above six (6) types of salespersons into three (3) categories, viz;

i. The Sales-Phobia Salesperson – this person is both lazy and afraid of taking risk and as such cannot invest adequate time, money, even energy and other resources into events that will bring about sales. Don’t be surprise, most professionals were once a Sales-Phobia salesperson. So, there is a huge opportunity to make adjustment.

ii. The Ordinary Salesperson – this person has crossed the stage of the Sales-Phobia and is struggling with the issue of how to handle a client until a deal is closed. The Ordinary Salesperson is always afraid of losing a client and as such will always see self as a servant or slave to the client whom he or she so adore as KING. He is an amateur and depends mostly on luck and pitiful prayers.

iii. The Professional Salesperson – this is the direct opposite of the above two types. He is the expert in sales. He sees self as THE KING with due monarchical respect to every client. He never allow a client to put him in the corner of THIS LIFE, rather, he humbly makes the client feel like a humble pupil who is always eager to learn. After giving a client the best product knowledge, he allows the client with the final decision to transact or otherwise. Above all, he is the most consistent in posting, follow-up and HIGH DEAL CLOSING. Now, let’s use the next point as further illustration (point no. 5).

The Humanitarian Foundation

5. Don’t be the person always calling a client. When you call first without a schedule demanding your call, you are just an ORDINARY SALESPERSON. Your consistent call to some client might wear them out. You either become a distraction, pest, beggar or threat to them. They will finally see you as one without a job and lazy. But, when you wait patiently for a client’s call, especially, a scheduled one, you are an expert.

N/B: if they didn’t call or respond to a scheduled time; don’t worry! They are either not ready to speak to you or they are not for you. Just move on, when they are ready for you, they will definitely disturb you with streams of calls because you have made them to understand that they still your pupil who need favour and help from you THE KING AND MASTER. The expert is never arrogant and treats everyone with respect and kindness.

6. Don’t fight or argue with a prospect or client. When they don’t want to buy, be calm and simply ask in this manner: “what would happen before you buy?” “I mean, what would you like to be in place from your end and mine before you call closing?” I purposely put “closing” there so that the client will have a word to take home, sleep-over, nurse and enjoy its persistent re-eco in his head until he puts a call through.

This very special article was equally written by our own president, Dr. Igweike Raphael Otum for the purpose of transacting business with high chances of closing deals and thereby record huge sales. So, special article of This Life and Your Life is hereinafter permitted by the Chairman of IGR Sparkling Industries Limited to be used for academic purposes by, first, The Humanitarian Foundation and then other users on permission.

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