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First of all, what is contribution? Contribution is a gift or payment to a COMMON FUND or COLLECTION. The part or role played by a person or thing in bringing about a result or helping something to advance, especially, towards the right direction. Furthermore, contribution can also be described as something that you give or do that helps in achieving an overall goal. An example of a contribution is when you donate certain amount, say $10 or N5,000.00 (Nigerian Naira) to charity. Another good example of a contribution is when you come up with a great idea that helps to create a finished product or solve a problem of common interest.

The Contribution Circle

Stages and processes of the contribution circle:
It should be noted that contribution is a process that requires great effort and determination before any stage within the process can be actualize. Below is the summary of each stage within the process, enjoy;

1. I contribute: This is a state where an individual, say the reader, understands that he or she has a role to play in order to achieve a common goal. Once you get the understanding that “Service to Humanity” is a common project; nobody would compel you to contribute your quarter and at the right time and measure. For instance, in a family setting, every parent understands that his or her first responsibility towards the child/children of the house is to adequately feed and care for such child/children. This duty of care from the parent is what we call ‘I Contribute’.

2. You contribute:  The juvenile on the other hand, has his or her own contribution to make. When the parent talks or orders the child to participate in the house chores, what the parent is simply saying is; ‘You Contribute’. I want you to understand that most people in life would never do or achieve any goal in life except someone compels them. But, at the long run, some of such people, if they are of a grateful heart, would definitely return to show absolute appreciation, even with a gift. Some people must be compelled or questioned before they get a home, build a house of theirs, get any other asset that makes life easier.

It doesn’t mean they are either broke or poor, but their kind of persons need to be pushed (that is, require further forceful encouragement) before attaining any life’s goal. Another instance, if parents fail in their responsibility to compel a little child possess good behavior, both the child and the parents will pay the price later in life. Here, the parents failed, but the child receives the lion share of the punishment. Sometimes, the parents equally suffer the huge consequences of their carelessness and ignorance. So, do not relent in supporting such a person until there is good, tangible and expected result. This is just you telling someone in different ways; YOU CONTRIBUTE!

3. We contribute: .Now, when both parents and the child or children are playing their roles effectively; that is the end stage and process of contribution called; ‘We Contribute’. Here, both parties, the parents and the children, encourage each other to continue playing their respective roles effectively in order to avoid any form of breakout or leakage in process. Another example that will amaze you is the motto of The United States of America, which says: “In God We Trust”. 

Have you ever asked yourself the reason for using the word, “WE” instead of the normal “I”? The ancients of the land or founding fathers understood by divine inspiration that when people collectively do or support or pursue a particular cause or mission, it would be easier, better and faster to achieve than when one man is doing same thing. When people from different works of life, family background, religious, economic and political background encourage one another to contribute towards the attainment of a common cause, say, Service to Humanity, through any available means, it is what we refer as; “WE CONTRIBUT”. When you fail to encourage others to contribute to a common fund or cause, you are still at the level of “I Contribute”.

  • When any party ceases to contribute, the circle will be broken and leakages will be discovered.
  • Whatever you are enjoying today is someone else’s contribution.
    Whatever you are lacking today is because someone who is supposed to contribute didn’t.
  • The Golden Advice: don’t be that person, whose refusal to contribute, caused leakage to the contribution circle.
  • Every person on earth is here to contribute to make the world a better place.
  • Contribution is the essence of living.
  • You can contribute anything useful and all the time. You can contribute in knowledge, in understanding, in wisdom, in love, in peace, in strength, in resources (financial and non-financial), and the list does.
  • Also, you can contribute physically, spiritually, intellectually, financially, morally, etc.
  • You can equally contribute religiously, politically, economically and socially.
  • When you contribute, people will eat, wear clothes and shoes and lead a good life. Also, when people contribute you too will enjoy the same good. A typical example is The Humanitarian Feeding and Clothing Support Program, a monthly program organized to help the less privilege in every society where we exist.
  • Ask yourself:
  • what is my contribution in that place that I am?
  • What have I contributed to make progress for the sake of humanity selflessly?
  • How many people have I encouraged with the phrase; “You Contribute” and “We Contribute”?
  • What is lacking as a result of my refusal to contribute?
  • What is the way forward?
  • Your presence is irrelevant if you have nothing to contribute. Am I ok by not being a resourceful contributor?

Now, the answer explains the scarcity or abundance in that place or in the society of man.
Contribution is the way to go…
In all you do, contribute.
In the family and house, contribute.
In the market, contribute
In the organization where you belong, contribute.
In the school, contribute.
In the society, contribute.
In the nation, contribute.
Even in your street, contribute.
Everywhere you go, ensure you contribute.
You always have something good, great, unique and special to contribute:
In addition, contribute in Love…
Instead of complaining, contribute.
Instead of destructive criticism, creatively contribute.
Instead of being embittered, contribute.
Instead of watching, contribute

  • contribution is the right use of energy and other resources…
  • Final note: nobody destroys where he has contributed to build and everybody has something positive to contribute no matter how small or great. Rome was not built in a day; and all fingers are not equal!

Contribute by supporting and donating to The Humanitarian Foundation’s Child/Youth Development and Empowerment agenda and THE WORLD WILL WORTH LIVING DUE TO EVERYONE HAS CONTRIBUTED MEANINGFULLY AND RESOURCEFULLY.
Enjoy your contributed day meaningfully!



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  1. After reading this epistle by this great Doctor, I decided to make impact in my locality at Oshodi, Lagos State, Nigeria. Thank you so much for transforming my life and that of others

  2. Since I have been contributing to the well-being of the less previllege through this foundation have been seeing the hand of God in all that I do . The key to wealth is helping God to given to those in need.

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