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Service to Humanity (Volume Two)

Title: The Humanitarian Fun Time: The Lady and The Parrot.

The Humanitarian Foundation

A lady walked into a pet shop demanding for a parrot.

The owner: “we have 2 kinds, one repeats everything you say & the other thinks for itself”

Lady: “I think I’ll like the one that thinks for itself”

The owner brought out her choice & told her to quiz the parrot.

Lady: how do I look, pretty dove? That’s the beautiful name I will give you once I pay for you. Hopefully you will love such a tender name?

Parrot: yes, ma! I will love it and then always treat you with all sincerity. Now come to your first question, as I promised to pay you sincerity for the tender name you will grant me; to be frank, you look like a professional prostitu**

Lady: (in a very loud voice) I won’t buy her; this parrot is very rude! How can she call me a professional prosty? Is it because we are both female?

The owner: please lady just give me a moment… (walked towards the backyard with the parrot. He dipped the parrot into a bucket full of water & warned the parrot, “if you’re rude to that

lady one more time I will drown u in this bucket”. When the man came back to d counter he told the lady now ask the parrot anything you wish and I assure u that he will be polite.


LADY: if I come home at night with a man, what will u call this man?

PARROT: Your husband!

LADY: Good, what if I come home with two men?

PARROT: Your husband & your in-law.

LADY: Good! Good! what if I come home with 3 men?

PARROT: Your husband, your in-law & your brother!

LADY: Goooooood!!! What if I come home with 4 men?

PARROT: (looked back at the owner in a fainting and confirmation mood) ….and said “please go and drown me, I said it earlier that this woman is a prostitu** and even a leading professional.

Good Day all.


You would be addressed the way you dress. The people you associate with matters a lot in your life. as a youth, let your temperament be moderate. Always do things that will give credit to the home you are coming from. Like the Parrot, it is not everything that you see you would allow your mouth to speak out just the way you saw it. This life is to short to trouble yourself over what you would have avoided with wisdom. Wisdom is paramount in life! Apply wisdom in all that you do and say so that you would not land yourself into trouble. The Parrot could not leave for life’s exploit and ended up in her parents’ house due to her lack of manner and inability to control her tongue.

Final note: “every error you make as a youth affects you throughout life!”

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Service to Humanity is a weekly publication to encourage Humanitarian Activities across the globe by The Humanitarian Foundation Press Department. Make financial and non-financial donations and other support through our online (banking) platform and/or physical address. Dr. Igweike Raphael Otum (Founder and President, Councilor, Author, Businessman, Accountant, Evangelist and a Humanitarian) is the author of this wonderful publication, Service to Humanity.

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