Service to Humanity (Volume Twenty)


The terms perihelion and aphelion describe two different points in the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. The Earth orbits the Sun in an elliptical path according to —which is oval, not circular. This is to say that the difference in the Earth’s distance from the sun during these two distinct and special points of the Earth’s orbit round the sun is around 3.102 to 3.103 million miles closer in January. This year, according to Scientists, the Earth will be about 91,406,850 miles away from the Sun at Perihelion and about 94,509,587 miles away from the Sun at Aphelion. So, the above range of 3.02 to 3.03 million miles is the difference that exists between the two – Aphelion and Perihelion. But the Earth is always at it farthest point from the sun just two weeks after the June Solstice. Let’s specifically describe each term:

  • Aphelion is the point of the Earth’s orbit that is farthest away from the Sun. According to studies for many years by several scientists, Aphelion always occurs in the beginning of July each year. About two weeks after the June Solstice, Earth is scientifically seen to be at its farthest point from the Sun, thereby denying the Earth the full blessings of the Sun rays.
  • Perihelion is the point of the Earth’s orbit that is nearest to the Sun. Perihelion always happens in early January. About two weeks after the December Solstice, Earth is scientifically seen to be at its closest point from the Sun, and thereby releases in excess some immeasurable rays upon the Earth.

The words come from Ancient Greek, in which helios means “Sun,” apo means “far,” and peri means “close.” Aphelion and Perihelion are not the causes of the Earth’s seasons. The different seasons that occur to the Earth are because the Earth orbits the Sun on a tilt that this our (Earth) planet gets more or less of the Sun’s direct rays at different times of the year.


These above terms are often confusedly used by most people and it’s what its confusion for you can never get the full understanding of a thing until you are cleared. Now, as the earth has its orbit around the sun; the Moon also has its orbit around the Earth and activities/changes occur to the Earth’s advantage and/or disadvantage as a result of her relationship with the Sun and Moon. We have discussed in details the changes that occur to the earth as a result of her relationship with the sun, and this sub-topic is talking about the effect of the Moon’s presence or relationship to the Earth. So, the Moon’s orbit around the Earth is also elliptical? The point in the Moon’s orbit that is closest to the Earth is known as the “perigee” and the point farthest from the Earth is called the “apogee – according to the above Greek translation of “apo” and “peri”.”


Did you know that Earth reaches its farthest point from the Sun about two weeks after the June solstice? It happened on July 4, 2022! We call this point in Earth’s orbit around the Sun “aphelion.” Interestingly, we’re closest to our fiery star in the winter and farthest away in the hot summer, hence, Perihelion.


Although, we cannot see the phenomenon, but we can feel its impact. This will last until August ending. During this period, we will experience colder weather more than the previous and/or usual cold weather, which will have some negative impact like flu, cough, shortness of breath, etc. on the inhabitants of the Earth – Man, plant and animals alike.

Therefore, let us endeavor to improve our immunity by drinking or taking lots of vitamins, warm water regularly and other medically recommended supplements so that our immunity would be strong enough to see us through the short but delicate period.

Saying based on the mathematical equation above, the air is colder and the impact on the body is not good because it is not used to this temperature. And for many years ago, the Earth has not experienced this kind of Aphelion Phenomenon. For this reason, let’s endeavor to keep our health conditions in order to stay healthy with such weather conditions.

Finally, am sure this will not result or lead the world into another phase of the recent pandemic.

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