service to humanity volume twelve

Service to Humanity (Volume Twelve)


The Humanitarian Foundation is an organization that equally believes in the existence and supreme authority of the Highest and Almighty God. So, we have decided to get some wisdom from the Holy Scriptures. This study is talking about two different categories of people you need to either dissociate or associate with so that this season would be a fruitful and memorable one. On the other hand, if you belong to the first group, do yourself a favour by possessing a penitent heart and join the second group. We wish you the reader a fruitful and glorious life and not death. Relax and enjoy the blessings of the unfathomed, infallible, reliable and ever-perfect Word of the Living God. Thank you!


They are subtle and dangerous people. You need to know and handle them with wisdom and absolute care (not to hate them). Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made.” – Genesis 3:1

  • Cain Group – They are the number one enemies of progress living with you under the same shelter or living far from you but are well related to you by blood and understands everything about you. They are the so called, “The Household Enemies” according to the Holy Scripture. (Matthew 10:36)
  • Thomas Group – They walk with you, eat with you and possibly live with you but don’t really believe in you. They keep on delaying your vision and mission. And always see impossibility in everything you do or intend to do. They may love you but, due to their natural disability of not seeing the big picture always in any adventure they would argue against your big and divine plan and against the will of the Creator of all. (John 20:24-29).
  • Judas Group – They walk with you, eat with you and possibly live with you but are after what they can get from you or elsewhere against your wellbeing. They are not loyal and can easily betray you due to their selfish nature. They can kill and destroy their closest associate not excluding the members of their immediate household, and divine helper. (Matthew 26:14-16)
  • Demas Group – They walk with you and possibly live with you; but once you start facing challenges and difficulties, they run away and forsake you. Their lifestyle opposes the adage: “a friend in need, a friend indeed.” (2 Timothy 4:10)
  • Korah Group – They pretend to be walking with you but when God begins to bless you, they will be jealous of your success. They challenge your influence and authority secretly and openly. They have issues when others acknowledge you and are not comfortable with any good news that pertains to your personality. (Numbers 16:1-3)
  • Ham Group – They are close to you, yet they expose your secrets and nakedness. The day you make a mistake, commit an offense or find yourself in a sinful or pitiful situation, they tell everyone of your weaknesses and thereby exposing you to public ridicule. They take enough time to study and monitor your movement (and entire being) even without your knowledge in order to find a loophole to bring your reputation and personality down. (Genesis 9:20-24)
  • Absalom Group – They are very close to you. They are impatiently ambitious. They detest your rising profile. They surreptitiously position themselves to hijack and cut off those who believe in you and win others over unto themselves by saying and doing hypocritical things that would present them better than you. They malign you as being unfair, insensitive, selfish, bad leader who hates the growth of his followers, wicked and incompetent follower or leader, and so many evil tags.  (2 Samuel 15:1-6)
  • Gehazi Group – They are gluttonous and insatiable fellows around you. They always see every action, instruction and advice from their master as a foolish, useless and a waste of time. They collect money and other valuables behind you due to their greedy, selfish and insubordinate nature. They ask for financial non-financial assistance from people far and near, even from a known enemy, making them to believe you are not taking good care of them. Note that they are always common in the region of junior cadre to you. Peradventure you face hard time or brief moment of scarcity; their attitude, even without saying a word would announce your current situation to the whole world that all is not well. (2 Kings 5:20-24)
  • Diotrephes Group – This is one of the most dangerous groups. They have a voice and influence amongst the people whom they claim to defend and support whereas their ultimate motive is to rip them off their (collective) little possessions. They can come up with fabricated stories that could destroy your image and position. They are territorially powerful, influential and have mastered the art of crowd-pulling. They are the false accusers and forgers of lies against them that are called and determined to do good on earth due to their wicked and selfish heart. (3 John 1:9-10)

These groups of people are found everywhere: Families, Friends, Businesses, Offices, Markets and Churches and mosques. To this end, do you belong to any of these groups?  If you do, kindly opt out of such a group because these groups are not for decent and righteous people. Please let’s be Wise!

service to humanity volume twelve


They love to see their spouse, child, relative, friend and every other person around them succeed and even become greater than they themselves. On the flip-side, there are groups you need to associate yourself with and endeavour to maintain the relationship as much as you can. They include;

  • The Simon Peter Group – They are the most loyal of friends, relatives and associates who are ready to go with you to the end of your life or their lives. They are those people who would forget the type of relationship you have with them and rebuke you whenever you do anything wrong. They are ready to correct you against your personal wishes with the aim of bringing out the best in you. They can praise you to raise your moral for a great adventure. In a nutshell, they want the best for you and always seek how to help you get improved on whatever good you do.
  • The Moses Group – they are great leaders who are interested in young and great talents with a genuine intention of making them better than them. They display great qualities like humility, truthfulness, love and so on. Most of them, are temperament problem and always do things against their future joy. They are good listeners and are ready to accept and apply good advice since they are blessed with discernment spirit from God Almighty. Finally, they are very brave to confront any challenge and are ever victorious. Most of them who realized that their major problem is in their temper, have tried to manage it through divine means and children-like spirit. And when they succeed, always end well in life and life-after.
  • The Joshua Nun Group – this very group are good and humble followers. They follow their leaders selflessly and are ready to give their lives for the success of their master just like the Simon Peter Group. They normally have no intention of replacing their masters but, they are always fortunate to replace their masters due to their humility, dedication, ability to accept delegation, reliability, spiritual, powerful, discipline and loving. They never complain over the activities of their masters even when they are wrong. Rather, they intercede and pray for them secretly and openly.
  • The Holy Mary Group – they are very sincere and live a holy life. They are always close to their God and are role model to many. It is said that; “they that live at the mountain-top are not supposed to misbehave as whatever they do must be seen by everyone around them.” They are naturally talented in choosing their friends. Know that ability to select, make, sustain and discharge relationship is a great gift. They are not proud and are sincerely content with whatsoever they have.
  • The Dorcas Group – they are great givers and when you associate with them your life will have a divine change and the grace and anointing of generosity would rob all over you unknowingly. If you are not a great giver, and refused to change, their great glory will surely knock you off their midst. You cannot beat this group and your only option is to join or depart from them for their shining light is too bright to accommodate any form of darkness. The always have great testimonies to talk about even by their enemies as a result of the numerous miracles they enjoy regularly.
  • The Jonathan Saul Kish Group – Jonathan was a very good friend to David from the day they met in his father’s palace. Jonathan saw the hand of God Almighty upon David that he was willing to sacrifice his position as the future king for his friend David. The activities of Jonathan was what gave David the opportunity to survive the attack of his lifetime arch-rival in King Saul Kish, who happened to be the biological father of Jonathan, David’s friend. He was willing to sacrifice his dear life for the benefit and future prosperity of the Israeli population of which he saw in his in his best friend on earth. If you are lucky to come across any, your entire life and vision would have a positive and perfect meaning and direction. They are ready to give up their life and great position for the greater glory of their admirer – spouse, friend, child, parent, relative and others. They have a natural gift of encouraging, protecting and promoting others as they are the best example of selflessness.
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