Service to Humanity (Volume Ten)


When I was working my 9-5 job, I was running my online business on the side. Those days when I was into e-commerce, I would use money out of my salary to import products and resell here.

Sometimes I would also use money from my salary to run ads to sell the product. Most of the money I was spending to keep my business running came from my salary.

Apart from that, I also needed to invest in my personal development so I had to deep hands into my salary to buy courses.

The first time I ever bought a course to learn how to build Chatbots, the money came from my salary.

I can still remember buying a course from Toyin for N10,000 out of my salary, and that course launched me into my journey of building sales funnels.

Why am I sharing all these with you?

I see motivational quotes like “your salary is the bribe your employer pays you to forget your dreams” and I feel that’s absolute gibberish.

The Humanitarian Foundation

If you have a 9am – 5pm job, don’t allow anyone make you feel stupid for being an employee. Some of the people posting such quotes don’t even make more money than you.

There are employees who earn millions of dollars yearly and they’re doing well even more than some entrepreneurs.

Your salary is not the bribe your employer pays you to forget your dreams. Your salary is the seed your employer pays you to build your dreams.

Even if you want to go into business, don’t be quick to quit your job to start one.

You can keep your job and be running your business on the side like I did. Use the money you earn from your salary to keep building your business on the side till it grows to an extent where it can pay you at least 3 times your salary.

There is a lot you can do with your salary.

You can buy courses from your salary.

You can pay for coaching from your salary.

You can pay for trainings from your salary.

You can run ads from your salary.

Don’t see your salary as a bribe to forget your dreams, see it as a seed to build your dreams.

Plant it, water it and let it grow and produce more fruits for you.

 Message from John Agbo, a real estate partner and edited by Igweike Raphael Otum.

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