service to humanity volume fourteen

Service to Humanity (Volume Fourteen)

Title:                                             PURITY IS POSSIBLE!

1. FORNICATION is not a norm. Even if it has become too common in our society, it is a sin unto God and a disservice to the body. PURITY IS POSSIBLE!

2. EXPOSING SENSITIVE PARTS of your body as a lady or DRESSING RECKLESSLY is not a big girls’ or big boys’ thing. It is foolishness and a sin in the sight of God. Wearing of MAD PEOPLE CLOTHES in the name of CRAZY WEAR, is not fashion. Remember, you dress according to your profession, and how you would like people call or address you. Footballers wear footballers’ wear, likewise farmers, teachers, lawyers, designers, religious leaders, others and then crazy or mad people. It is called indecency and it grieves God. PURITY IS POSSIBLE!

3. VIRGINITY is not a sign of weakness or even sexual malfunction. IT IS A SIGN OF PURITY – something to be proud of that you have not been desecrated by the unworthy and filthy ones. No one should make them (the divinely preserved, called, virgins) feel foolish because of being a virgin for they are great instruments in the hands of God Almighty.

Moreover, VIRGINITY is a wedding present to honour yourself first as a woman and then to your husband and not a birthday present to boyfriends or a means of making peace and quick money. Don’t enter your matrimonial home perforated, shattered and self-sexually abused by allowing yourself to be a pitch or gutter where everyone can trample or use. Nevertheless, if you are already like that, take heart, with God along with your heart of true penitence, all things are possible. Now, you have a great but critical mission to accomplish.

This mission is to evangelize the good work of divine redemption and restoration through your couching of the younger ones with a pure heart of gold. Perhaps, that may be the area of your calling in God’s vineyard.

They should know that VIRGINITY should not be limited to the sexual organs alone. The eyes, hands, legs, the mind and other sensitive parts of the body should be treated as virgins too for they too have some significant roles to play in the glorification of the name of God Almighty. If these parts get corrupted with immorality, soon the genitals will confirm the corruption for every act, good or bad, emanates from the heart. This is why the Holy Scriptures advised everyone to guard his or her heart with all diligence for out of it proceeds all the issues of life. SEXUAL PURITY MATTERS. PURITY IS POSSIBLE!

4. FEMALES are not mere objects of sexual gratification and mockery or crude baby making machine as some funny men may describe them. There is more to a WOMAN than her BREAST, and BUTTOCKS. There is greatness in every woman. If water is life, there is life in every woman. So, honour to the woman begins with the woman. PURITY IS POSSIBLE!

5. Our girls and young women should know that their BREASTS and BUTTOCKS are primarily for breastfeeding babies, procreation and then beauty in the right direction, and not to be used for wrong online beauty displays where they would be desiring mere likes and comments or to gain more fans or even make money through the exposure of such parts that had been described as PRIVATE and SPECIAL. This is public nudeness and madness! PURITY IS POSSIBLE!

6. Not having a GIRLFRIEND does not make you less of a MAN. It makes you a MAN with a lot of self-control and integrity. It makes you a rare kind of a MAN in a world infiltrated by uncontrollable immorality. It makes you a superman with divine focus who would end up with the most honourable and blessed woman specially made and reserved for you by God. PURITY IS POSSIBLE!

7. Not having a BOYFRIEND doesn’t mean you will run mad or something terrible will happen to you. These are designated traps the devil has successfully used to destroy the destinies of many young people. It is a lie from the pit of hell and another word for lie is destruction. No one runs mad because of not having sex. Remain sexually pure for… PURITY IS POSSIBLE!

8. SEX is not one sure way to prove depth of LOVE, TRUST AND LOYALTY. If he truly loves you, he will marry you first. If he is a real man why does he want the sex but not the responsibility of keeping you? PURITY IS POSSIBLE!

service to humanity volume fourteen

9. SEX is not the solution to your Dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation, typically involving abdominal cramps), it is one of those deceits of boys and men who want to get through the pants of a greenhorn girl child, teenage girl or lady! BE VERY WISE SWEETHEART. PURITY IS POSSIBLE!

10. Sperm accumulation has no medical side effect. Your body is equipped and divinely programmed to deal with that till you are ready to put them to good use. Don’t use that as a basis of going into fornication. PURITY IS POSSIBLE!

11. MASTURBATION is not a safe way to understand your sexuality. You will only end up teaching yourself how to please yourself not how someone else should please you. That is another way of being selfish! You get addicted to it so much that no one can please you as good as you. It is both unfair and destructive to your sexual health. It gradually becomes a psychosomatic problem, and it is a sin before God. Don’t get indulge into that at all. SELF CONTROL AND POITIVE DIVINE MEDITATION IS THE SOLUTION. PURITY IS POSSIBLE!

12. LESBIANISM is not an option for girls only because men are not looking your direction. It is a filthy and a disgusting sin before God. Also, they should not think it’s a good, easy and godly means of making money from their older or richer women counterpart.  As senseless as animals are, they do not get to such level of mental depravity to be lesbians, why humans? Please, let’s collectively talk to our girls about this devastating epidemic called Lesbianism. It is becoming very common, starting as early as primary schools. PURITY IS POSSIBLE!

14. HOMOSEXUALITY is not also an option for boys because they think marriage is costly. Also, they should not think it’s a good, easy and lawful means of making (quick) money from their older or richer men counterpart. It is a filthy and a disgusting sin before God. As senseless as animals are, they do not get to such level of mental wickedness to be gays, why humans? Please, let’s talk to our young boys about this dangerous destroyer of great destinies, Homosexuality. It is becoming very common, starting as early as primary schools level. PURITY IS POSSIBLE!

15. Let’s not also forget to teach our youth that living for God is not a burden or a bondage. It is the highest form of freedom. Let’s also make them understand that God is interested in their youthful age not when they’re old, weak and feeble and the world had retired them that they’ll desire God and the things that concerns Him. PURITY IS POSSIBLE!

16. Let’s teach them that living a HOLY LIFE is truly possible. If others like the Holy Mary, Mother Sarah, Mother Theresa (of our time), Samuel the High Priest and so many others can achieve this natural and divine task, every young person out there can also do better. We should also endeavor to make them understand that LIVING FOR GOD doesn’t mean you will be the weakest, poorest and secluded person on earth, and even if that happens, they should know that their purity for God is not the cause as holiness is the best and surest means unto all goodness of life – say, happiness, good health, prosperity, divine favour, even popularity, longer life with sound health and so many other good things of life. PURITY IS POSSIBLE!

17. There are series of dangerous issues that come from sexual impurity. They are not limited to the following: unwanted and premature pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease/virus, fatal and untimely death, bitterness and envy, fighting and wars, hatred and rejection, depression, unforgiveness, setback in life’s success, damage to the womb and genital and so many other issues of melancholy. PURITY IS POSSIBLE!

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