Service to Humanity (Volume Eleven)


 Hi Great Humanitarians!

We are usually one piece of information away from our breakthrough. Sometimes we just need to focus on the things that are within our reach instead of trying too hard to be whom we are not.

It is okay to have big dreams but it is also important to use what you have at hand currently to get to the dream you plan to achieve.

So it’s okay to get a job or a part-time job to fund your other dreams. It’s okay to work or do a job like to drive a taxi, teach a class, cook and so on. You may not love to save money just to pay your Master’s program or Rent or other Basic Needs or Desires of life. And it is okay if you just want to remain where you are and make it into a big deal!

Let me share a lesson I learnt from the scenario of one Ms. Katelyn,

She, Katelyn was listening to JJ Omojuwa’s podcast and he was interviewing Reminisce and they were speaking a lot of Yoruba, a common Nigerian language.

Now she understood very basic Yoruba, (Lagos Yoruba) and she had been telling herself that She would improve her Yoruba but she did not get around to doing so. So, She messaged JJ and told him She loved the episode and it seems she needed to work on improving her Yoruba. He then went on to recommend a teacher for her.

She found a Teacher named Lemeji whom she paid him N170,000 a month to learn Yoruba. Lemeji was an amazing teacher and She never knew learning Yoruba would be so much fun and easy.

Lemeji has a number of students from different races spread across the world paying him in different currencies to learn the language. On an average, he probably makes a million naira every month.

I hope you take your diary or notepad and write down the skills or Talents you have and see how you can start earning from it today.

While you are thinking of one million ideas, none of which have become a reality yet because you still have to learn a number of things, you still have to invest so much and you need a long time to be able to materialize it, Lemeji is using his mother tongue to make millions.

The Humanitarian Foundation

What does that say about you?

Stop being a broke over-thinker and get to work! Some People are cashing out or doing extremely well in life or business and are using things they already have; not what they don’t have or know.

Some of us have hidden gold, skills, gifts we are extremely good at but we have ignored them without our knowledge that these little stars (skills and talents) could be of help to us today while we leverage on them to chase those things that will still take some time, months or even years to manifest.

Question of the day/action point.

What do you have right now in your tools and skills box that you can do right now?

Write down on paper what you have as a skill that you can do to make money?

Thanks for your attention and do have a successful season.

Composed by Dr. Laide Okubena and edited by Mr. Igweike Raphael Otum.

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