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Somebody may ask, how can I protect my child? How can I be vigilant enough to understand my child’s way about? Am I God Almighty? This study is taking another dimension as we are going to address a particular way parents can contribute to either destroy or positively establish their child.

It is a universal truth that your dress code will determine how you would be addressed. A soldier will not be seen in the battle field with the attire of a footballer. Or a professional swimmer seen putting on while discharging his duty a barrister’s gown. It would be very funny to see a pastor on a Sunday morning or any day putting on the attire of a boxer while preaching to the crowd, the list goes. A well cultured parent knows the right dress suitable for his/her upcoming man or woman, especially, the girl child.

When you willingly dress your girl child in an abusive way, you are both teaching her how to dress indecently and expose her to dangers such as rape, prostitution, early sexual desire and involvement, bad association and so on. Come to their young boys counterpart, indecent dressing or wearing clothes with wrong, abusive and ungodly inscriptions, exposes them to early involvement in drug and substance abuse, bad gang, wickedness, rape, and so on.

Most parents want their children look like that of their neighbors or prove to the neighborhood that they have arrived financially, and as such use the resources meant to build up the child’s destiny in the opposite direction by buying destructive wears for their kids. Who in turn as they grow up help their mother or parents get the worst clothes since at this juncture they are no more easily controlled by parents. Hear the conversation between a father and his daughter.

A girl bought an iPad. When her father saw it, He asked her: “What was the first thing you did when you bought this wonderful gadget?”

“Did someone force you to do so?” The father asked
“No Sir!” She said in amazement.
“Don’t you think it’s an insult to the manufacturer?” The father asked again.
More surprised, “No dad! In fact, they even recommend using a cover for the iPad.” She replied.
The father continued, “Did you cover it because it was cheap and ugly and as such you are ashamed of having it?”

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She laughed her father to scorn and first of all said within herself, “my father is an old school”, and then replied reluctantly, “Actually, I covered it because I didn’t want it to get damaged and decrease in value.”

“When you put the cover on, didn’t it reduce the iPad’s beauty?” The curious father persisted.
She became upset, but tried to be polite as much as she can and said, “I think it looks better and it is worth it for the protection and additional value it gives to this my darling iPad. In short, it even brings out the unimagined beauty of the iPad and prolongs its days.”

The father then looked lovingly at his daughter, while standing from his cushion and stretching out his right hand to hold his daughter’s shoulder, said politely but authoritatively;

“Yet, if I had asked you to cover your body which is more precious than the iPad, would you have readily agreed?”

She became dumbfounded and could no longer move from the stand point…
I hope you won’t mind to hear this: indecent dressing and exposure of your body reduces your value and respect. As you rightly said; the protection from the most common danger facing indecent dressing, rape, the unimagined beauty and longer and peaceful life are what decent and proper dressing gives to every human.” That was the man’s conclusion and went back to his seat respectfully.

Now, always dress decently because you must be addressed according to your dressing.

Finally, if you claim to love your child, you must also love to discipline him or her against his or her wrong, immoral and ungodly wishes. Please, protect our young boys and girls, oh! lovely parents!

Service to Humanity is a weekly publication to encourage Humanitarian Activities (financial donations and material support) across the globe by The Humanitarian Foundation Press Department. Igweike Raphael Otum (Founder and President, Councilor, Author, Businessman, Accountant, Evangelist and a Humanitarian) is the author of this wonderful publication, Service to Humanity.

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  1. I really appreciate you for the serial and tireless efforts you guys @thehumanfound put in to help reshape our world of today. The old man did the right thing. I was blessed by this episode. Infact, as a Christian, I add to the write-up, Proverbs 13:24… “He that spareth his ROD hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes.”

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