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The Humanitarian Foundation (an NGO in charge of Child/Youth Development and
Empowerment) appeal to the general public to support our campaign here in Nigeria and Africa to combat sexuality offences and promote sexuality literacy. And also, help save both the lives and future of the Nigerian and African youth through education on dangers of drug abuse and violence among youth.

After our 2020/2021 (first and second quarters) school-to-school and religious organizations campaign/seminar on the above subjects or issues of life, we discovered that poverty in Nigeria and Africa contributed immensely to sexual dangers and lack of formal and adequate tutorship resulted to both loss of lives (children, teenage and young adults), and termination of great vision and youthful aspirations.

It is a known fact that education is vital in the development of a nation. The deteriorating state of our nation’s educational system prompted this hunger to assist the government bridge some gap in the society through humanitarian activities for this is a collective responsibility. Most school-able children and young adults have lost the desire to study due to they lack these fundamental information (knowledge) delivered to them adequately from childhood.

This is not the only reason, what they hear and see from the outside-world through their elders or superiors in life discouraged most of them completely. But, consistent preaching of these issues of life and the application of the next product of The Humanitarian Foundation will definitely give both the younger ones and their respective unemployed or unhappy young adults hope for a brighter tomorrow.

The axiom, “Catch Them Young”, expresses the desire to train, cater, support and guide children early in life to develop love for education in order to become lifelong learners and national builders. This, we supposed, should be the primary concern of parents, institutions, communities and great individuals with big heart as these children will be the leaders of tomorrow whose leadership will base on today’s legacy.

Moreover, the inadequate supply or lack of this form of education (sexuality education and education on dangers of drug abuse and violence among youth) has deeply endangered the lives of our youth and little ones to the extent it seems irreparable. Our young girls, even before they become sixteen years of age according to research on “Sex Business” conducted in Lagos, Nigeria in year 2020 by The Humanitarian Sex Education Department (HUMSED), made us to understand that three in every fifteen teenage girls are either full-time or part-time prostitutes.

This research also made us to understand that most of them still live with their parents and still in secondary (or high) school. Their young (teenage) boys counterpart indulge in series of criminal and violent activities ranging from cybercrime (also known as computer crime) to alcohol and drug abuse, rioting, armed robbery and malevolent ritualism.

According to the research conducted in Lagos by The Humanitarian Department for Youth Violence and Drug Abuse (HUMDYVADA), 2020, three in every twelve teenage boys are desperate of taking hard drugs and making (quick) money in the wrong way with their popular slogan in Pigeon English; “…who school help?”. Moreover, most of them are still in secondary (or high) school and early years in higher institution.

Every problem has both primary and secondary solutions. The problem under discussion is not in exception. The primary solution to this very problem is the early and in-depth couching. Here, we prepare the mind of the pupils and students in order to help them assimilate faster with eagerness the practical aspect – (basic) Skill Acquisition Programs which is the secondary solution.
To the pupils, we give them a clinical package involving shoe/bag making, knitting (a method by which yarn is manipulated to create a textile or fabric), barbing/hair dressing, fashion designing, Art and signs, horticulture and floriculture and so on. All these are at the introductory level.

To the students (in secondary or high school), we have decided to continue with the courses from the primary school with little add-ons in the areas of farming, poultry, introduction to civil engineering/bricklaying, carpentry/furniture making, general computer/auto engineering program and so on. At this juncture, we treat them like (future) professionals by ensuring they do more practical work.

The overall aim is to ensure these students are capable of being resourceful and (partially) dependent (while under their parental/guardian control) and help close some gap of mental laziness, abortion, alcohol/drug abuse and after school unemployment that has ravaged most African (and world) economies. It is a known fact that; “a mentally lazy person cannot be resourceful in life!”

Finally, note that acquiring these skills (early in life) does not necessarily mean they would not study their (unspecified and respective) areas of interest in higher institutions. Instead, it will be a support for smooth ride through school and give them solid foundation in life after school.

We hereby appeal for financial support in order to enable us continue the good work. The next phase of this campaign which is targeted to cover a wider population and that is equally intended to move across the shores of Nigeria to benefit other African countries would need a startup cost of about $30,000.00 USD, within the next two months from date.

Any amount of money donated by everybody would be highly appreciated as it would be geared towards logistics and the procurement of educational/gifting materials and electronic gadgets needed to help build a better tomorrow by promoting healthy sexual and relationship decisions/lifestyle and drug/violent free or controlled youth in our today’s society.

Service to Humanity is a weekly publication to encourage Humanitarian Activities (financial donations and material support) across the globe by The Humanitarian Foundation Press Department. Igweike Raphael Otum (Founder and President, Councilor, Author, Businessman, Accountant, Evangelist and a Humanitarian) is the author of this wonderful publication, Service to Humanity.

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