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service to humanity volume twelve
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Service to Humanity (Volume Twelve)

TITLE:       REAL LIFE APPLICATION OF WISDOM FROM THE HOLY SCRIPTURES. The Humanitarian Foundation is an organization that equally believes in the existence and supreme authority of the Highest and Almighty God. So, we have decided to get some wisdom from the Holy Scriptures. This study is talking about two different categories of people you need to either dissociate or associate

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Service to Humanity (Volume Eleven)

TITLE: THE STORY OF A BROKE OVERTHINKER  Hi Great Humanitarians! We are usually one piece of information away from our breakthrough. Sometimes we just need to focus on the things that are within our reach instead of trying too hard to be whom we are not. It is okay to have big dreams but it is also important to use

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Service to Humanity (Volume Ten)

TITLE: LEVERAGE ON YOUR PAID JOB FOR A BETTER TOMORROW When I was working my 9-5 job, I was running my online business on the side. Those days when I was into e-commerce, I would use money out of my salary to import products and resell here. Sometimes I would also use money from my salary to run ads to sell

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TITLE: WORLD ALZHEIMER’S DAY – DEMENTIA At The Humanitarian Foundation, we also care for the elderly people around us, in order to fulfil our call to serve humanity as our slogan says; “Service to Humanity… Service to God!” Today, we are treating a topic that affects everybody on the face of the earth. You as a young person who may

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