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Life and Health

Service to Humanity (Volume Twenty One)

TOPIC: GIRLS’ SEXUAL AND REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH EDUCATION AND RELIEF SUPPORT The Humanitarian Education Department (HED) presents: GIRLS’ SEXUAL AND REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH EDUCATION AND RELIEF SUPPORT. Everyone on earth is in one way or the other connected to a woman. For this reason, we decided as an NGO for Child/Youth Development and Empowerment, to spare a quality portion of our time look into

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Service to Humanity (Volume Twenty)

Title:   APHELION AND PERIHELION – WHAT ARE THEY? The terms perihelion and aphelion describe two different points in the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. The Earth orbits the Sun in an elliptical path according to almanac.com —which is oval, not circular. This is to say that the difference in the Earth’s distance from the sun during these two distinct and special

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Every Realtor has to understand the following steps in order to be a great closer in the global market: Be consistent in your posting Be consistent in your follow-up with clients When a client sends you a text, WhatsApp or email message, kindly follow him or her accordingly. If such a client asks you to call, please do so via

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service to humanity

Service to Humanity (Volume Eighteen)

Title:    A GOOD ROOT OF TITLE. SECTION ONE: WHAT IS A GOOD ROOT OF TITLE? In every land transaction, it is always essential for the purchaser to make DEEP investigation as to the authenticity of the ownership of the land because, if the title is bad, the purchaser loses all or part of his/her money. A very important question here

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