We are NGO for Child/Youth (and Young Women) Development and Empowerment via Education and Skills Acquisition/Empowerment Program.


THE HUMANITARIAN FOUNDATION was established as a result of the long-time hunger and desire of the President to help wipe tears away from the less privileged among us in the society.

The president grew up seeing his mother give out almost everything including second to the last clothes and food to the poor and this heart of benevolence continued to grow in him as he continued from where his late mother, Prophetess Kessiah Igwe, stopped.

The founder and president, in the person of IGWEIKE RAPHAEL OTUM, started the work of “service to humanity” right from his early years in life with his mother and later continued after his secondary school days when he lived independently of his parents.

Initially, he did not know what he was doing until the Holy Spirit of God opened his eyes and gave him divine direction while he was observing one of his weekly prayer and fasting.

He was made to understand that the pots of food, bags of clothes, footwear and other valuables he gives out to the less privileged (and others in need) frequently could actually be done in a more organized manner with the consent of the government.

After few years, this very inspiration gave birth to this great vision known everywhere today as THE HUMANITARIAN FOUNDATION.

THE HUMANITARIAN FOUNDATION was incorporated on September 1st, 2020 with Registration Certificate Number (CAC/IT/NO: 150937), which automatically became her official date of commencement.


About the Founder

The name of the founder of The Humanitarian Foundation is IGWEIKE RAPHAEL OTUM – a renowned philanthropist, Educationist, Author, Leader and Servant of the Most High God. He was born to Mr. and Mrs. James Igwe Otum, the last of three from his mother. From a polygamous family and he is the fond of both parents. Born right in his village (on a Saturday evening) of Akanu Ohafia, Abia State, Nigeria.
IGWEIKE RAPHAEL OTUM, blessed with rare gifts of administration, planning, hospitality, counseling, intersession, longsuffering, mentoring and ministering comfort and care to many even against his personal comfort. Also, bringing love, hope, and encouragement to the hopeless and so many others far and near. As an evangelist, He started the work of God as a Children Pastor in a local church in Oshodi, Lagos State, for a period of three years. And later became a pioneer of some other Christian Organizations and various Gospel projects. His high demonstration of love and care towards children and other needy started quite a very long time even before the inspiration of establishing this reputable Non-Governmental Organization.


  • To transform and empower human lives – the overall objective.
  • To take education to the grassroots and give our children and youth the required education necessary for brighter future through The Humanitarian Education Department.
  • To assist the wonderful teachers and religious leaders across the globe bring out the best out of the children and youth through The Humanitarian Catch Them Young Program.
  • To help young people and concerned adult make wise decision about sexuality and their present/future conjugal relationship through The Humanitarian Sex Education Department (HUMSED).
  • To help save the lives and future of our youth and nation through The Humanitarian Department for Youth Violence and Drug Abuse (HUMDYVADA)
  • To get most homeless and other helpless people out of the street and give them a home; and a sense of belonging to the society by creating self-reliance spirit via The Humanitarian Skill Acquisition and Empowerment Programs.
  • To assist government and other bodies alleviate poverty in Nigeria and Africa through The Humanitarian Feeding and Clothing Support Program (a monthly program) and all the aforementioned products of The Humanitarian Foundation.


THE HUMANITARIAN FOUNDATION has two major categories of products, viz;

  • Catch Them Young Program
  • Skill Acquisition and Empowerment Program



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