We are NGO for Child/Youth (and Young Women) Development and Empowerment via Education and Skills Acquisition/Empowerment Program
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About Us

THE HUMANITARIAN FOUNDATION was established as a result of the long-time hunger and desire of the President to help wipe tears away from the less privileged among us in the society. The president grew up seeing his mother give out almost everything including second to the last clothes and food to the poor and this heart of benevolence continued to grow in him as he continued from where his late mother, Prophetess Kessiah Igwe, stopped.

What We Stand For

Mission Statement

Bridging the social gap by transforming and empowering lives

Vision Statement

Every transformed and empowered less-privileged person is a plus to the list of world leaders.

Our Core Values








Take a look at some of our featured causes

thehumanfound education


It is our desire to train, and guide children early in life to develop love for education in order to become lifelong learners and national builders. This, we suppose, should be a primary concern for parents, institutions for these children will be the leaders of tomorrow whose leadership will be based on today’s legacy

The Humanitarian Foundation

The Humanitarian Feeding & Clothing Support Program

The Humanitarian Feeding and Clothing Support is conducted on a monthly basis. We give out food varieties, clothes and other wears to the needy in any selected local government areas in different states or regions each quarter of the year

The Humanitarian Foundation

Children/Youth Development & Empowerment Program

This second category of the products of The Humanitarian Foundation is focused on assisting individuals acquire skills that will support them through life and equally empower others with starting capital

Spread the Message, Stop the Virus

Covid 19 prevention guidelines:

  • Wash & sanitize your hands often
  • Use your face mask in public places
  • Avoid crowded places
  • Avoid hand contact with your face
  • See a doctor immediately when you observe strange symptoms
  • Be kind to others

Our Projects & Achievements

catch them young programme

Catch Them Young Program

This was carried out through our quarterly seminar/training to schools and religious organizations. Two quarters of the year were covered successfully and The Humanitarian Education Department team did a wonderful work and other units

Sexuality & Drug Education

Senior secondary school students from different parts of the country, participated actively in Sexuality Education and Education on Dangers of Drug Abuse and Violence among Youth.

thehumanitarian project

Educational Aid

Books and other educational materials budgeted for first and second quarters of 2021 met. The Humanitarian Foundation successfully gave out an estimated 3500 copies of different educational materials to pupils and students across the three selected local government areas of Lagos State within the first and second quarters of the year 2021.

thehumanitarian feeding

Monthly Feeding & Clothing Support

The humanitarian monthly feeding and clothing support campaign was established to provide food & clothing to the less privileged on a monthly basis.


  • To transform and empower human lives – the overall objective.
  • To take education to the grassroots and give our children and youth the required education necessary for brighter future through The Humanitarian Education Department.
  • To assist the wonderful teachers and religious leaders across the globe bring out the best out of the children and youth through The Humanitarian Catch Them Young Program.
  • To help young people and concerned adult make wise decision about sexuality and their present/future conjugal relationship through The Humanitarian Sex Education Department (HUMSED).
  • To help save the lives and future of our youth and nation through The Humanitarian Department for Youth Violence and Drug Abuse (HUMDYVADA)
  • To get most homeless and other helpless people out of the street and give them a home; and a sense of belonging to the society by creating self-reliance spirit via The Humanitarian Skill Acquisition and Empowerment Programs.
  • To assist government and other bodies alleviate poverty in Nigeria and Africa through The Humanitarian Feeding and Clothing Support Program (a monthly program) and all the aforementioned products of The Humanitarian Foundation.

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